An art fundraiser for Mali Health Organizing Project: On November 27th, artists Geddes Levenson and Annie Blazejack set aside a day for a painting conversation. Over the course of 24 hours, each painted 24 works on paper; each responding to the other's work and together building two series of images. Paintings can be purchased at for $250 each. Half of all proceeds will go directly to the Mali Health Organizing Project.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Message from the Mali Health Organizing Project

Greetings art lovers!

As the director of the Mali Health Organizing Project, I am so excited for this opportunity to bring together emerging artists and the Sikoro community in Bamako, Mali. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Mali Health Organizing Project (“MHOP”), we are a US-registered nonprofit that empowers urban West African communities to improve maternal and child health. Our Health Radio Show provides health education and a platform for community mobilization around local health issues while our Community Health Workers translate health education into healthy behaviors, accompanying sick mothers and children for medical treatment, and following up to ensure recovery. Finally community organized health events, or Health Actions, address community health issues, like access to clean water and sanitation, through community collaboration.

By supporting “Art Marathon for MHOP” you’ll not only have the opportunity to enjoy the work of two fantastic emerging artists, but also join the MHOP community and support our efforts to promote health change, not charity, in a country where one in five children die before celebrating their fifth birthday. Every dollar goes a long way in Mali: the purchase of just one painting can buy twenty mosquito nets to prevent malaria, support comprehensive healthcare for two children for a year, or sponsor a community health worker for two months. Read more about our work at, or email to sign up for our quarterly newsletter. Thank you for your support.

A ni ce kosebe,

Anna Ninan
Executive Director
Mali Health Organizing Project

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