An art fundraiser for Mali Health Organizing Project: On November 27th, artists Geddes Levenson and Annie Blazejack set aside a day for a painting conversation. Over the course of 24 hours, each painted 24 works on paper; each responding to the other's work and together building two series of images. Paintings can be purchased at for $250 each. Half of all proceeds will go directly to the Mali Health Organizing Project.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buy A Painting to support MHOP!

In the two posts below, we've organized our 24 paintings in 24 hours into two conversations. To purchase a painting, simply click the "buy now" button above it.  If you don't have paypal, but would like to purchase a work, please email .

Conversation 1

Hour 1: Geddes Levenson

Hour 2: Annie Blazejack

Hour 3: Geddes Levenson
There is this Greek myth, I don't remember the exact details, but I think this ship is off to fight in the Trojan war.  But someone on the ship does something offensive to the Gods, and the ship gets caught in a horrible storm just off shore, and won't move and everyone is starving. Finally the ship's oracle tells the captain, you angered the gods, the boat won't move until you sacrifice your daughter and throw her overboard.

Hour 4: Annie "copycat" Blazejack

Hour 5: Geddes "Totally Original" Levenson

Hour 6: Annie Blazejack Zooms In

Hour 7: Gedde Levenson
"Boats and fire and hands oh my!"


Hour 8: Annie Blazejack
Dragonfruit gift!

Hour 9: Geddes Levenson


Hour 10: Annie Blazejack

Hour 11: Geddes Levenson

Hour 12: Annie Blazejack
Really, though, this hut is off the grid.

Hour 13: Geddes Levenson
This boat can't get very far with powerlines for sails


Hour 14: Annie Blazejack

Hour 15: Geddes Levenson
There is a direct correlation between our friend coming by with coffee and my painting a rainbow. I'm just saying.

Hour 16: Annie "Raise A Riot" Blazejack
Every day is Somebody's birthday.

Hour 17: Geddes Levenson
I lit the candles from the bottom, I could have lit them from both ends, but we've got a lot more night to get through.

Hour 18: Annie "Hands of Gold" Blazejack

Hour 19: Geddes "Look Mom, No Hands" Levenson

Hour 20: Annie Blazejack
With paper flowers from a family coloring project circa 1998!

Hour 21: Geddes Levenson
Sammy sleeps, I'm jealous.

Hour 22: Annie "Remember the Good Times" Blazejack


Hour 23: Geddes Levenson
Sammy sleeps, we dance!

Hour 24: Annie "WE DID IT!!!" Blazejack

Conversation 2

Hour 1: Annie Blazejack

Hour 2: Geddes Levenson

Hour 3: Annie Blazejack 
I said to Annie, "You made a rainbow... a graynbow!"

Hour 4: Geddes Levenson
"The Ultimate Triple Decker Rainbow. Enough Rainbows!" (with sharks)

Hour 5: Annie Blazejack 
"I think it's a good time to introduce Christmas"

Hour 6: Geddes Levenson
The Christmas trees have become ladies with umbrellas.

Hour 7: Annie Blazejack
"No way Geddes they're Christmas trees!"

Hour 8: Geddes Levenson
In Miami we can only grow Christmas trees from flamingoes.

Hour 9: Annie Blazejack

Hour 10: Geddes Levenson
Ultimate Miami!
Hour 11: Annie Blazejack
Ultimate Miami part two!

Hour 12: Geddes Levenson "Who Would Never Put A Plastic Flamingo Ornament In An Otherwise Lovely Bromeliad Pot" Levenson

Hour 13: Annie Blazejack
These are all things I have considered for the wallpaper in my room. 

Hour 14: Geddes Levenson 
Blast Off in Flower Power Style

Hour 15: Annie "Florida Is Watching You" Blazejack

Hour 16: Geddes "Why Is My Name Florida?!" Levenson

Hour 17: Annie Blazejack
Florida's borders are blurring. I can't tell if the ocean is rising or the mangroves are sprawling.

Hour 18: Geddes Levenson 
Beware. Sharks circle the reef.

Hour 19: Annie Blazejack
A: "I think you're going to love me forever."
G: "I already have."

Hour 20: Geddes "You Can't Avoid My Flame" Levenson

Hour 21: Annie " :>¡<: " Blazejack

Hour 22: Geddes Levenson
Announcement: Everybody who's still awake wins a trip to the moon. And Sandwich, your little dog, too.

Hour 23: Annie "Tiffany" Blazejack
This year's Christmas is going to be out of this world.

Hour 24: Geddes Levenson
Now the candles burn at both ends.