An art fundraiser for Mali Health Organizing Project: On November 27th, artists Geddes Levenson and Annie Blazejack set aside a day for a painting conversation. Over the course of 24 hours, each painted 24 works on paper; each responding to the other's work and together building two series of images. Paintings can be purchased at for $250 each. Half of all proceeds will go directly to the Mali Health Organizing Project.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Conversation 2

Hour 1: Annie Blazejack

Hour 2: Geddes Levenson

Hour 3: Annie Blazejack 
I said to Annie, "You made a rainbow... a graynbow!"

Hour 4: Geddes Levenson
"The Ultimate Triple Decker Rainbow. Enough Rainbows!" (with sharks)

Hour 5: Annie Blazejack 
"I think it's a good time to introduce Christmas"

Hour 6: Geddes Levenson
The Christmas trees have become ladies with umbrellas.

Hour 7: Annie Blazejack
"No way Geddes they're Christmas trees!"

Hour 8: Geddes Levenson
In Miami we can only grow Christmas trees from flamingoes.

Hour 9: Annie Blazejack

Hour 10: Geddes Levenson
Ultimate Miami!
Hour 11: Annie Blazejack
Ultimate Miami part two!

Hour 12: Geddes Levenson "Who Would Never Put A Plastic Flamingo Ornament In An Otherwise Lovely Bromeliad Pot" Levenson

Hour 13: Annie Blazejack
These are all things I have considered for the wallpaper in my room. 

Hour 14: Geddes Levenson 
Blast Off in Flower Power Style

Hour 15: Annie "Florida Is Watching You" Blazejack

Hour 16: Geddes "Why Is My Name Florida?!" Levenson

Hour 17: Annie Blazejack
Florida's borders are blurring. I can't tell if the ocean is rising or the mangroves are sprawling.

Hour 18: Geddes Levenson 
Beware. Sharks circle the reef.

Hour 19: Annie Blazejack
A: "I think you're going to love me forever."
G: "I already have."

Hour 20: Geddes "You Can't Avoid My Flame" Levenson

Hour 21: Annie " :>¡<: " Blazejack

Hour 22: Geddes Levenson
Announcement: Everybody who's still awake wins a trip to the moon. And Sandwich, your little dog, too.

Hour 23: Annie "Tiffany" Blazejack
This year's Christmas is going to be out of this world.

Hour 24: Geddes Levenson
Now the candles burn at both ends.


  1. Ooh! I love Annie, hour 7! But I'm a nut for Christmas. ;)

  2. We have this theory about the inevitability of Christmas. I also am into the idea of our skewed Miami perception of Christmas traditions.

  3. I like where this conversation went. 7, 8, 9, 10, and 16 are all tops! ;)

  4. Thanks, Geddes and Annie, for a wonderful art experience. Looking forward to hanging mine.
    3 ... 2 ... 1 ... liftoff!